About Us

About Us : Full Glory Sdn Bhd

Our factory and office is situated at No. 3 & 5, Jalan Apollo U5/189, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. The principle business activities is as follow :

Pork supply - we supply pork known as "Elite Meat" to Hotel, Resorts, Cruise, major Hypermarket and Supermarket. We also supply to market butchers, restaurants and “ Bak-Kut-Teh” restaurants.

Food processing - we manufacture processed meat such as Bacon, Ham, Salami, Lyoner, Sausages and etc. under Mea Ty brand to major supermarkets and hypermarket in Malaysia. During festival season, we manufacture “ seasoning products “ for the festival.


Quality Assurance

Full Glory Cooperate with livestock feed producers and livestock Pig Farms. These live stock feed producers are able to customize livestock feed for our contract Pig Farms. These customized animal feed is added with Probiotic (Microorganisms - active live cultures) and DO NOT contain any Antibiotics. Our contract Pig Farms couple with its clean environment, fresh air, large roaming spaces, steady supply of clean stream water and specially formulated feed, will provide an ideal environment to grow pigs under the Antibiotics and Beta Aganist Fee Management practice. These contract farms continuously supply healthy pig to Full Glory.

Full Glory invests heavily in the cold chain process to ensure the meat freshness. Our cold chain process start from abattoir (Government legal slaughter house with doctor inspection) through end users. Our refrigerated truck will transport our slaughtered pig to our factory in Bandar Pinggiran Subang. Here the pig is debone and portion into parts under low temperature and hygienic environment. Each portion of the meat will put on stack baskets to ensure all surface of the meat is able to contact with the cold air. The parts will then be transported to customer with the refrigerated truck and the excess part will remain stored in our cold room for further process.

Full Glory management practices ISO 2200 and HACCP System. We are also certified by Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Argriculture and Agro Based Industry Malaysia with VHM LOGO. Our Pork (Elite Meat) and its products have been sent to certified laboratory for Antibiotic, Beta Aganist and other bacterial testing. The results are all negative and way within the control limits.


富可荔和牲畜饲料生产商及大型生猪农场合作。牲畜饲料生产商能够为我们的合作猪农场定制所需的牲畜饲料。这些特别定制的动物饲料添加了益生菌(微生物 - 活性乳酸菌) 和不含任何抗生素。和我们合作的农场拥有干净卫生的饲养环境,清新的空气和猪只拥有宽阔的活动空间,加上干净的溪流水及以特别定制的饲料喂养。这提供了一个最理想的生态环境,让猪只能在没有抗生素和长肉剂 (Beta Aganist)的管理作业方式下饲养长大。富可荔在和上述农场的养殖合约安排下, 获得农场长期供应健康的猪只。富可荔公司实行了ISO 22000和 HACCP 管理系统。我们的新鲜猪肉分切及加工厂,在低温,卫生及先进的机械和熟练的技术人员操作下,生产出品质优良的产品。我们把一品肉产品送往有认证的实验室检验有关抗生素,长肉剂 (Beta Against)和细菌的测试,得到的结果是合格及不超出控制范围。 富可荔公司也荣获马来西亚农业部兽医局的"兽医卫生签印"证书。

When you buy our products, you can ensure that our pricing is less or competitive with wet market, but more importantly is that you are buying quality premium products. Our company policy is always emphasis in Excellent Quality, Fresh, Hygiene, Healthy & Excellent Services. All our products are guided under five principal, which are Texture, Tender, Juicy, Aroma and Taste